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Road Shark 2023 campaign seeks to save lives in Fairfax

The “Road Shark 2023” program has been reintroduced in Fairfax County, to discourage aggressive driving, reduce traffic accidents, and improve driving behavior.

The initiative began in 1999 in response to the increase in accidents and aggressive driving in Fairfax County. The goal is simple: reduce accidents and save lives. After each round of enforcement and enforcement, speeding tickets and other reckless behaviors dropped across the county.

This year, the department has posted police officers in high-visibility areas throughout the county. Officers will look for a number of traffic violations including: aggressive driving, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, school zone violations, distracted driving, and others.

Fairfax County Police Officers, along with Virginia State Police officers, will use data and risk-based enforcement strategies and operations that target areas with high crash concentrations to reduce crashes.