Ricky Martin: “My mother and father love my husband”

Ricky Martin.

Photo: Rodner PR / Courtesy

“My mother and father love my husband”… That’s how intimate and open Ricky Martin was with Quique Usales in an interview that the Argentine fashionista did in Mexico for ‘Hoy Día’show that co-hosts.

The excuse was to promote the tour that begins in Mexico, the one that had to be suspended in March 2020, when the world stopped due to the pandemic. However, heThe interview became a chat between two great friends who met again after a long time to have a coffee, and catch up on things.

And with that confidence, Usales asked her how she was doing to compose, record, tour with Enrique Iglesias and Sebastián Yatra, and be with her husband, her four children and her two dogs.. “When do you sleep?” she asked him.

“I sleep very badly”, confessed Rickyrevealing something that we did not know until now, this of a not so conventional rest that does not correspond to its usual level of peace.

The truth is that, as he told Quique, Martin faces a new challenge: “This is the first time that I am on tour without familyDue to the pandemic, we try to keep it as simple as possible.”

Where are yours? Ricky told in the interview for ‘Hoy Día’, that they are on their island, with their family, and happy.

My whole family is in Puerto Rico, my husband (Jwan Yosef) is happy because who is going to mind being near the beach, my mother and father are there who love my husband, everyone is fine“, Said the Puerto Rican star.

And to counteract, he told her that in the middle of the tour, on days off, he will travel to Puerto Rico to see his family, take that energy of love, and return with the commitment that for him is not such, but something he does out of conviction. .

Many people say to me: ‘Ricky, you have achieved everything’… I do it because I want to, not because I have toand if I have the applause of the public we will continue a little more”, he told Usales about why he is not planning to retire.

In this chat of friends, Quique asked him about his four children, to which Ricky told him that while Matteo is more outgoing and loves to play baseball all day, Valentino is more ‘love and peace’, his video games and his YouTube channels.

About the little ones, he assured that Lucia is the queen of the house, the one who rules them all, and Renn, the Angel.

Quique Usales shared that This Tuesday there will be a second part of the exclusive interview where he will talk about two of his happiest projects.



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