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The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff reported Monday that the North Korean Army launched two missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan (East Sea), the fourth test conducted this year.


North Korea stresses defensive nature of missile test

The first of the two missiles, allegedly short-range according to the South Korean authorities, was launched around 08:50 local time (15:50 GMT), and the second occurred minutes later, both from the Sunan airfield, located in Pyongyang ( capital).

For its part, the Japanese Defense Ministry indicated that the impact of both projectiles was near the east coast of North Korea and outside the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan.

“It is clear that the goal of North Korea’s frequent missile launches is to improve its missile technology,” Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said.

The official specified that the projectiles had a maximum altitude of approximately 50 kilometers (km) and flew 300 km before falling into the sea.

North Korea has carried out three previous launches, the first on January 5, then on the 11th and the most recent on January 14, when two short-range hypersonic ballistic missiles were released from a train, according to the South Korean military.

In this regard, North Korea has stated that the launch tests are necessary to modernize its weapons and have guaranteed that they do not target any territory.

Given the tests made by North Korea, the Government of the United States (USA) announced the imposition of sanctions against people linked to that country’s weapons program.

In response, the spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said last Friday that “the current US administration talks about diplomacy and dialogue, but, in reality, resorts to the policy of isolating and suffocating North Korea.”

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