Rebound in COVID-19 cases could saturate hospitals in Mexico

The cases of COVID-19 are multiplying in Mexico and many people who feel some type of symptoms are seeking by all means to undergo a test to confirm or rule out if they have contracted the disease.

The lines for a rapid test are observed equally in public health centers and in pharmacies. In the Mexican capital, the government expanded the number of tests available, enabled points in shopping centers and announced that next week macro kiosks will be installed in the municipalities with the highest number of positive cases.

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According to official reports, the cases doubled in just three days, from 10,000 on Sunday to more than 20,000 on Wednesday, with a hundred deaths in the most recent hours.

Infectologist Francisco Moreno criticized the federal government downplaying the impact of the omicron variant on the grounds that it does not cause a serious illness that increases hospitalizations and regretted that so few tests are done.

Moreno says that Mexico is the 167th country in tests per million inhabitants. “Only Nicaragua and Haiti do less tests than we do, they continue to minimize the pandemic and we continue to be in a complicated situation,” he said.

The internist, winner of the 2020 National Health Award, recommended that the federal government stop disparaging the situation and ask the population to stay home if their activities are not essential.

You should also prioritize work and online classes to prevent everyone from being infected at the same time and saturating the hospital system.

“The more infections, there will be a group of people who will need a hospital. If the number of cases increases dramatically, as is happening, once again we will need to hospitalize a few of that percentage, which even if it is lower, (and) due to the number of cases, will again cause hospital saturation ” Moreno explained.

The specialist predicted that this fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic will last three or four weeks.

[Reporte de Sara Pablo desde México]

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