Reber Barzani presented as a candidate for the Presidency of Iraq | News

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced on Tuesday the candidacy of the Kurdistan Region Minister of the Interior, Reber Ahmed Barzani, for the presidency of Iraq, after the Federal Supreme Court declared the registration of former minister Hoshyar Zebari invalid.


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“Following the political developments, obstacles and controversy surrounding the Iraqi presidential elections, the KDP officially nominated Kurdistan Interior Minister Leader Ahmed as its candidate for the Iraqi Presidency,” the KDP said in a statement.

Under the Iraqi constitution, the parliament elects the president for a four-year term, who in turn appoints the prime minister.

Zebari was the favored candidate of the KDP and ignored the accusations of corruption against him, prior to the suspension of the Court.

On October 10, the Arab nation held early parliamentary elections and last week the deputies ratified Mohammed al Halbusi as head of the Chamber, after an agreement between the ruling KDP, the Sairoon bloc, majority in the legislature, and others. Sunni Muslim congressmen.

The Magna Carta of the country dictates that the Presidency of the country must be held by a Kurd, the Head of Government, a Shiite Muslim, and that of the hemicycle, a Sunni Muslim.

If Barzani is elected, there would be a change in the Presidency, which has not happened since 2005, since since then a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has held the presidency.

Barzani is 55 years old and has served in important security positions such as the Kurdish intelligence agency. Local media stated that he has no relationship with the head of the KDP, Masoud Barzani.

He is known for being the only survivor in his family of an attack, known as the al-Anfal operations, carried out by Iraqi forces in the 1980s.