AMLO vs Minister Pina

Real threat or pure beak syrup?

Francisco Garfias.

I want to see that the head of the UIF, Pablo G贸mez, fulfills his veiled threat to open an investigation folder for the crime of improper collection of liquidation against Lorenzo C贸rdova and three other electoral advisers who finish their work at the INE, next 3 of April.

It seems more like syrup to foment animosity against the favorite villain of the National Palace. And it is that Pablo turned out to be more obradorista than Andr茅s Manuel himself. The president said the liquidation “is legal, but immoral.”

The storm broke out after the INE announced the net amount for termination of the employment relationship that C贸rdova will receive: one million 934 thousand 380 pesos.

The other three electoral advisers who are leaving 鈥揅iro Murayama, Jos茅 Roberto Ruiz and Adriana Margarita Favela鈥 take one million 663 thousand 388 pesos.

This is equivalent to three months salary plus twenty days for each of the nine years of service. It is what the Law establishes. C贸rdova was appointed electoral adviser three years before the others. Hence the higher amount.


The FIU has been managed more with ideological criteria than financial intelligence. It does not have powers to determine if there is a crime and punish it.

You would have to file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and, where appropriate, have the file reach the desk of a judge.

Pablo G贸mez relied on article 127, section IV, of the Constitution, to write his two tweets. One takes up the cited article:

“They will not be granted, nor will they cover… retirement assets, nor settlements for services rendered… without being assigned by Law, legislative decree, collective agreement or general working conditions.”

The other to explain: 鈥渢he liquidations of the members of the General Council of the INE are not assigned by Law, decree or contract. The general working conditions of the staff do not include counselors. Any illegal payment is a crime.鈥

Is the liquidation of the electoral advisers not assigned by law? We asked Senator Germ谩n Mart铆nez, an expert in the field of law. “Yes, it’s by law, it’s a job,” he told us.

Already on the run, he launched into exhibiting the contradictions of the Republican austerity discourse on which the 4T relies to dismantle the INE:

鈥淲e interviewed 250 local court magistrates for local election court magistrate positions, in nearly 20 states. We are going to name them in the Senate. They do not solve anything definitively. All the conflicts that they resolve go up to the regional rooms.

鈥淢any millions of pesos would be saved there, not the two million of C贸rdova, if those courts disappear, which, in reality, are legally useless.鈥


Today is the big day for Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador. He expropriated the oil expropriation to satisfy his ego. He is going to do what he likes the most: lead the mega demonstration in the street.

It has the power and resources to fill the Z贸calo, the surrounding streets and more with hauls. It will be a 鈥渟uccess.鈥 No doubt. Even Senator Ricardo Monreal, who likes the parable of the prodigal son, will accompany him in the demonstration:

鈥揇oesn’t it get you to be attacked, insulted or at least yelled at? 鈥 We asked the senator.

I am exposed to everything. I always have been. I am going to fulfill a moral duty, nothing more. It’s okay, I’ll be there. Sometimes you have to risk everything. When you are determined to fight for democracy you have those ups and downs, those difficulties and those risks -, he replied.

What does it mean for you to leave?

-It is very important because it commemorates the oil expropriation. It is a historical fact. I sympathize with all this revolutionary current. The fact that the president called is very strong for me. We want to be there for this commemoration,” he finished.


The self-discovered former national president of Coparmex, Gustavo de Hoyos, uploaded a tweet in which he responds to the statements made by the president about him.

AMLO said in the morning that De Hoyos “contempts the poor”, “he is a monarchist and not a republican”; that he went to 鈥渁ccuse him with the King of Spain, and then burst out laughing.

Gustavo de Hoyos’ tweet says: 鈥淧resident @lopezobrador pointed me out as an opposition candidate. He is not the first nor will he be the last. Surely it will do it in all tones many more times. He knows that the time to hand over the presidency to me is near.”



The charge Real threat or pure beak syrup? first appeared in The Arsenal.