Raúl de Molina insists: He wants to remove the double chin and belly with surgery


Raúl de Molina.

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Raúl de Molina insists: he wants to remove his double chin and belly with surgeryThis is how he confessed to Lili Estefan, who despite being afraid to enter an operating room, is seriously thinking about it.

A few weeks ago We told you that Raulito and Karina Banda were talking about the possibility of El Gordito removing his belly, but we were in doubt if he really wanted to do it or it was one of his usual jokes. Well it seems that this time he is speaking very seriously and This 2022 may already have to change the name of the show to: “El Flaco y la Flaca.”

Seriously, after talking with Julio Preciado I have always wanted to remove my double chin, you have known it here for years, and it scares me, I have wanted to remove my belly and I am afraid to have surgery even though I have the best plastic surgeon in the world. worldThey have already put a new kidney in Julio and I’m scared ”, he explained to his partner who also assures that he is afraid of surgeries.

As we know, Raúl de Molina has one less kidney, an organ that was removed when a cancerous tumor was discovered, with the good prognosis that being encapsulated, with the extraction he did not need to undergo chemo and the disease did not return to his body.

This situation that has created even more fear with the possibility of having surgery, because the experience in an operating room has not been for something pleasant. However, he is thinking about it and assures that he wants to be noticed and people see him without a double chin.

Of course, as it usually happens, everything ended as a joke when the producer Carlitos said: “And who will play Santa Claus this year if you take off your belly?”



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