Raise the tone of the Monreal-Sheinbaum lawsuit

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

Every day the war waged by Ricardo Monreal and Claudia Sheinbaum rises in tone, which will bring nothing good for Morena with a view to the 2024 presidential election in which the brunettes want to repeat the triumph of 2018 to continue in the National Palace for another six years.

Sheinbaum does not forgive Monreal for, according to her, having intervened in favor of the opposition in the 2021 elections, when the “Va por México” coalition took half of Mexico City from Morena and left the government of the favorite of the party at a disadvantage. tabasqueño

Monreal, for his part, blames the head of the CDMX government for the attacks that the governor of Campeche Layda Sansores has launched in recent weeks from her program Martes del Jaguar, with the clear approval of Doña Claudia.

A few days ago, Dr. Sheinbaum acknowledged that she agrees with the revelations that Sansores has made about Monreal, who responded strongly; that he stop "his pack of him", which only leads to the division of the movement headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Monreal did not stop there, he called the governor of Campeche "alleged criminal" for violating the suspension decreed by a judge to refrain from disseminating information resulting from the illegal intervention of communications.

The coordinator of the Morena senators hinted yesterday that in December he will make the decision to continue or not in Morena, he recalled José Alfredo Jiménez and sang that “I liked December so you can leave. May it be very cruel goodbye my Christmas…”

If Monreal leaves in December, the war will take on greater intensity because the man from Zacatecas does not let himself go and knows a lot about dirty war that could have consequences for Sheinbaum's aspirations with all the support of the tenant of the National Palace, unless for the doctor to stop her pack, which seems difficult.


Of the six PRI members who raised their hands for the presidential candidacy in the 2024 elections, Oaxacan Alejandro Murat has a hand in the affections of the PRI's national leader, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas. The commitments and complicity of the Murats with Moreno tilt the balance in favor of the Oaxacan-Mexican who would be the candidate that the PRI would present to the “Va por México” alliance if it materializes. The tlaxcalan Beatriz Paredes is in option "B" and the other four, the man from Campeche neither sees nor hears them. Alito Murat presumes his relationship with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador but that does not represent anything for the PAN and the PRD…Claudia Sheinbaum could be seriously involved in a legal problem due to her proselytizing role, in the case of the death of the young Ariadna Fernanda , because of the fact that he released the video where the alleged murderer, Rautel "N" takes her carrying her in the parking lot of the building where he has his apartment. Sheinbaum violated due process in her desire to show herself in favor of the sacrificed young woman, which she surely would not show if she was not a contender for Morena's nomination for 2024. She also attacked the Morelos prosecutor without evidence. She could cost him his candidacy, if the law applies.

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