Rains reduce intensity of forest fires in several provinces of Argentina | News


The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina reported this Monday that the rains recorded during the weekend allowed to appease the situation of forest fires that affect some areas of the country, in the midst of the heat wave that is experienced there.


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However, the secretary of Environmental Control and Monitoring, Sergio Federovisky, indicated that there are other locations where it is difficult to contain the fire.

“Unfortunately, we had and continue to have the most complicated area in Bariloche, with a fire that is quite difficult to control and that started more than a month ago in an inaccessible area of ​​the Nahuel Huapi National Park,” he described.

Firefighters and rescuers continue to deal with the flames that started in Lake Martin, an area of ​​difficult access, where some six outbreaks are active, according to the Regional Emergency Committee.

During an interview with a local media outlet, the official explained that there was a relative climatic stabilization in the last few hours and that made it possible to control some outbreaks, but “undoubtedly it is not the end of the problem because we are in a summer with many complications.”

In addition, he assured that several factors were added to generate the situation they are experiencing now: a very complicated fire season, the high temperatures of the previous week, which reached record levels, and the prolonged drought in several provinces.

Federovisky warned that forest fires “are intentional in a very high percentage”, and that the Ministry of the Environment has made arrangements for the Argentine Congress to discuss “a specific figure associated with the crime against the environment or against nature.”

The previous week, high temperatures set records in several regions of Argentina, which complicates the work to contain the fires.

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