Rafael Amaya revives Aurelio Casillas in “The Lord of the Skies”


Mexico.- Rafael Amaya revives Aurelio Casillas in “The Lord of the Skies” and the eighth season is already being prepared after his character died in the sixth season.

Through his social networks, 45-year-old Rafael Amaya has been very excited to be able to return in the new season of The Lord of the Skies, a project that changed his life.

The Telemundo network confirmed the return of Rafael Amaya to the television forums, after he experienced difficult moments after he admitted that he had to enter a rehabilitation clinic to fight his addictions.

Raphael Amaya, actor.


One of Telemundo’s most popular series is “El Señor de los Cielos”, which is why the television station is already preparing the new season of this popular production.

The eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies” began its recordings with the long-awaited return of Rafael Amaya, who will again put himself in the shoes of Aurelio Casillas.

The return of Aurelio Casillas has caused a stir and it is that in the sixth season he received a bullet in the head after the confrontation he had with “El Cabo”.

However, Aurelio Casillas would be more alive than ever and in this eighth season he would return determined to assume power again.

Earlier this year, Rafael Amaya confirmed that he would return to put on the skin of Aurelio Casillas, a character that gave him international fame.

It should be remembered that this is a great comeback, since in 2020 Rafael Amaya entered the ‘Baja del Sol’ clinic, which belongs to boxer Julio César Chávez, to fight his addictions.

In addition to Rafael Amaya, Telemundo presumed that there are several celebrities who return to take their roles in “The Lord of the Skies”, among which are:

  • Carmen Aub (Rutila Casillas)
  • Ivan Arana as Ismael Casillas
  • Isabella Castillo (Diana Smoked)
  • Alejandro Lopez (Super Javi)
  • Lisa Owen (Dona Alba)
  • Robison Diaz (The Cape)
  • Maricela Gonzalez (La Feline)
  • Karla Carrillo (Corina Saldana)
  • Thalí Garcia (Bere Smoked)
  • Alan Slim (Jaime)
  • Karen SandovalLaura
  • Denia Agalianou (Dalilah)
  • Carlos Corona (Alfaro)
  • Daniel Martinez (Columbus)
  • Elsy Reyes (Carla Uzcategui)
  • Jose Sedek (Bernardo Castillo)
  • Roberto Escobar (Valdes)
  • Wendy de los Cobos (Tata Guerra)
  • Daniel Martinez Campos (Aristides)
  • Renata Manterola as Luzma

The eighth season of the series “The Lord of the Skies” will not only feature the return of Rafael Amaya, but also new actors who will give much to talk about.

Such is the case of Africa Zavala, Rubén Cortada, Yuri Vargas, Jorge Cárdenas, Brenda Hanst and Mimi Morales who will arrive to give him more problems or help Aurelio Casillas.

The eighth season of the series “The Lord of the Skies” is directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia, Conrado Martínez, Mauricio Meneses, and Bernardo Mota.

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