Putin claims Biden for false information about “invasion” of Ukraine | News

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, held a telephone dialogue on Saturday with his counterpart from the United States (USA), Joe Biden, whom he claimed for the false information he provided to the media about an “invasion” to Ukraine.


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Revealing details of the talk, the Russian presidential adviser, Yuri Ushakov, maintained that the Americans artificially increase “the hysteria around the supposedly planned Russian invasion, they mention the dates of this invasion and in parallel with their allies they inflate the Ukrainian military muscles.

“Accompanied by the claims about the invasion, the premises are created for possibly provocative actions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the Russian official said.

He said that in the last few hours “the hysteria reached its peak”, when the West created tension regarding the displacement of Russian troops “on its territory, although not far from the Ukrainian borders”.

Ushakov said that the telephone conversation between the two heads of state was scheduled for next week, however, the US side requested to hold the dialogue this Saturday due to the “possible catastrophic scenario (that of an imminent Russian ‘invasion’ of Ukraine)”.

The White House reported for its part that during the phone call, Biden warned his Russian colleague that regarding the situation in Ukraine, the US is contemplating diplomatic channels, however, it does not rule out the use of different scenarios.

If Russia proceeds with an “invasion” of Ukraine, the United States and its allies in Europe would impose “severe costs” in an expeditious manner, the White House chief assured.

The conversation took place in the midst of the call made by the US and twenty other countries to their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, because it considers a Russian invasion of Ukraine “imminent”, which Moscow has repeatedly denied.