Putin and Macron will speak for the upturn in the conflict in eastern Ukraine | News

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron will hold a telephone conversation on Sunday amid rising tensions in eastern Ukraine.


President of Russia urges Ukraine to comply with the Minsk Agreements

The talk between Putin and Macron scheduled for 10:00 GMT is part of the latest efforts to avoid a larger conflict in Ukraine, the French presidency said.

The telephone meeting between the leaders of Russia and France was confirmed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who noted that the call is on President Vladimir Putin’s agenda.

For its part, the French presidency announced that the telephone conversation is intended to avoid the worst scenario in Ukraine.

This is not the first conversation about the situation in Ukraine, Macron already had a telephone conversation with Putin on February 12. The French leader also addressed the Ukrainian crisis in a meeting with Putin in the Kremlin that took place on February 7 and lasted for more than five hours.

As part of France’s efforts to avoid a new armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, President Macron met on Saturday with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky as part of the Security Conference in Munich, where he assured that he would not respond to provocations. of Moscow in the Donbas region.

Sources from the French presidency commented that Vladimir Zelensky would have asked Macron to indicate to Putin the availability of Ukraine to talk and solve the recent crisis with the Donestk and Lugansk regions.

Escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine have been steadily rising. The leaders of the Donestk and Lugansk regions have denounced attacks and aggression by Kiev, which in turn accuses them of attacking Ukrainian populations.

Faced with an alleged large-scale military operation by Ukraine, the authorities of the Donbas regions announced a “general mobilization” of men capable of fighting and ordered an evacuation of civilians to neighboring regions of Russia.

Between Saturday night and Sunday, Russian agencies reported artillery fire on the outskirts of Donetsk, near the front line. And the OSCE observers, in charge of ensuring the ceasefire in the area, warned of an increase in violations of that agreement.

Meanwhile Russia denies harboring hostile intentions towards Ukraine and demands from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) guarantees for its security, such as the withdrawal of its military infrastructure from Eastern Europe.