Puebla hit the table to beat Miguel Herrera's Tigres in Nuevo León

The Puebla F.C. he took all three points on his visit to the Tigers UANL from Michael Herrera, who did not get the formula to stop those led by Nicholas Larcamon in local condition.

with the Chilean Paul Parra As one of the main figures of the commitment, the camoteros took the victory by 2 goals to 0, in addition to the collaboration for an own goal from Carlos Salcedo. Although the set of tigers came out in the first half with the opportunity to open the scoring with two clear attempts by the Colombian Luis Quinones Y Andre-Pierre GignacAlthough it didn't help much.

Maximilian Araujo He made a personal move down the left wing and his shot hit the post, unfortunately for Carlos Salcedo, the ball bounced off him to open the scoring in favor of the visiting team.

Minutes later, when Tigres attacked more clearly, Quiñones committed a penalty for knocking down the Uruguayan inside the area. Emmanuel Gularte; Pablo Parra was in charge from the twelve steps to score the second and final goal of the match.

For the second half, Tigres tried again to discount the game but they had the misfortune to come across the Paraguayan Anthony Silva, under the three sticks. On the other hand, already in the twilight of the game there was a controversial play after the demolition of Guido Pizarro, within the area.

The person in charge of collecting the maximum penalty was the French Andre-Pierre Gignac, however, his shot did not go up to the scoreboard after failing from the twelve steps and sending the ball to the post.

With this victory, the Puebla F.C. moved up to third place in the table with four points and the Tigres are in eleventh position in the Torneo Clausura table. Next weekend, 'La Franja' will receive the Xolos from Tijuana on Friday the 21st, while the tigers will visit the UNAM Cougars, on Sunday the 23rd.

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