Public transport workers strike in France | News

Public transport workers in Paris, the French capital, staged a strike on Thursday to demand a wage increase and better working conditions in the face of inflation in the country.


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The strike was promoted by the union of the Autonomous Administration of Paris Transport (RATP, for its acronym in French) and the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) union, which also called for mobilizations in all French sectors.

The general secretary of the UNSA RATP union, Arole Lamasse, declared to a local media that they do not rule out the option of extending the strike if they did not receive answers to their demands

“If our demands are not fully met, the action will last much longer than today,” Lamasse said.

Of the 16 lines of the Paris metro, at least two, which are automated, worked normally on this day, while five were closed and the others had reduced service, presenting delays.

The suspension of the service in surface transport was also reported, generating heavy traffic jams in the rush hour in the city.

For its part, the CGT expressed through its account on the social network Twitter that the increase in wages continues to be an emergency.

In addition, he mentioned that the mobilization of this day is added to those carried out in the past months of September and October, in which the immediate need to raise wages due to the increase in inflation was also highlighted.

The secretary of the CGT, Vincent Gautheron, noted that the salary increase in response to the past mobilizations was 1.1 percent in contrast to the increase in inflation.

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research (INSEE, for its acronym in French) indicated at the time that food prices rose 9.9 percent in September, while energy prices increased by approximately 17, 8 percent.

For October, inflation in France reached 6.2 percent, representing a maximum in 37 years.