PS5 Pro: what to expect from Sony’s new console

Sony’s PS5 has established itself as a sales success since its official launch in November 2020. However, despite its more than clear power and graphic quality users are already wondering what the next version of Sony’s console could bring.

Following the logic that the Japanese company has been using, should be relatively close to reaching the market a Pro version of the PS5. This is a strategy that Sony has accustomed its fans to, as something similar happened previously with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, which received an update that improved their performance and corrected some hardware problems detected by the company.

Here we tell you what the new generation of PS5 could bring:

1. Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing technology has become the new standard for many next-gen games that make use of this feature to dramatically improve lighting and provide a greater sense of realism.

For this reason Significant improvement in Ray Tracing is expected with the release of the PS5 Evolution. A sign that Sony is working on this issue is that it has been learned that the company filed a patent for a new technology that is designed to improve the performance of ray tracing.

2. Higher resolution

One problem that current PS5s face is that when playing titles in 4K quality, there is a drop in video quality, especially in terms of the number of frames per second displayed on the screen.

This should be solved by Sony with the launch of the new consolewhich should incorporate a technology that allows taking full advantage of the hardware of the equipment.
This would translate to users may be able to play games in 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 60 frames.

3. Price

It is speculated that the price of a possible PS5 Pro could be in the order of between $700 and $800 however, this could increase dramatically if the current processor shortage problem continues-

Its arrival on the market could take place between the course of 2023 and 2024which would follow the trend of the Japanese brand of letting a few years pass between each version of the console.

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