Prison riot in the Dominican Republic leaves three dead | News

Prison authorities in the Dominican Republic confirmed this Sunday that at least three inmates died and another nine were injured after a brawl that took place this Sunday in the La Victoria prison in Santo Domingo.


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There were injuries from knives and firearms, of which six had to be transferred to hospitals in the city and another three were treated in the same prison compound.

The authorities detailed that the protagonists of the altercation were carried out by two groups of prisoners, where they intervened as soon as possible and at the same time, they quickly contacted the Public Ministry of the capital city to report the event and advance the investigations.

Local media detailed that the three deceased were in the age range between 30 and 35 years of age and were behind bars for possession of weapons and for violating the laws on drugs and controlled substances.

Law enforcement officers in the penitentiary unit told local media that they continue to work, applying the protocols established in cases like this one, to restore order in the compound.

Local media point out that the altercation took place in patio areas one and two of the penitentiary, which has a capacity for more than 8,000 inmates and currently houses about 7,200.