President Vladimir Putin assures that the Russian economy will adapt to the pressure of sanctions | News

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Thursday that the economy of the Eurasian nation will adapt and resist the pressure of the coercive measures imposed, after the start of the special military operation for the defense of Donbas in Ukraine.


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The president added that Russia’s countermeasures and actions will help it increase its independence.

In a meeting with members of his cabinet, the head of state recalled that the pressure of sanctions has always existed, but asserted that although they now have “a more extensive character and create certain problems and difficulties for us, the economy is adapting to this new situation.

In addition, the Russian president stressed that the result of this will be an increase in the “independence, autonomy and sovereignty” of the country.

Regarding the hostility of Western countries against Russia, the president highlighted his conviction that the sanctions against his country have been implemented in any case.

He also recalled that many of the measures imposed against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) remained in force even after its dissolution.

Regarding the withdrawal of several foreign companies from the Russian market, the president gave his approval to the idea of ​​introducing external management of these companies and added that the national market is not closed to negotiating with partners.

The Russian head of state expressed his confidence that, thanks to foreign partners and leading domestic companies, the country will achieve the goals set in the economic sector.