President Paraguayan will visit Bolivia for the anniversary of the Chaco War | News


The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, announced this Monday that he will arrive in La Paz in the next few hours to participate, together with his Bolivian counterpart, Luis Arce, in the commemorative activities for the end of the Chaco War, a conflict that took place between both nations 87 years ago.


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During the inauguration ceremony of the Aqueduct for the Chaco in the Mariscal Estigarribia population, in the north of the country and close to the border with Bolivia, the Paraguayan head of state announced that he is proud of his upcoming presence in the sister country.

“Tomorrow it will be a great satisfaction for me to be in Villamontes with my friend, President Luis Arce, to commemorate the ceasefire between Paraguay and Bolivia,” said the Paraguayan president.

The Paraguayan head of state wanted “Bolivians to feel Paraguayan and Paraguayans to feel Bolivian”, and described the Chaco conflict as a “gentleman’s” war where both sides defended their principles.

At the same time, he indicated that the best way to honor the heroes who participated in that confrontation is by working so that the “vast territory of Chaco is the protagonist of the development of both countries.”

In this regard, President Abdo made reference to the inclusion of Bolivia in the Bioceanic Corridor project, a road engineering work currently under construction, which will link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and will save almost 25 percent in logistics costs, by dispense with the Panama Canal in trade with countries on the Pacific coast.

“Bolivia cannot be absent from the connection with the bi-oceanic route, which unites a large part of the region from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, passing through Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile,” assured the Paraguayan president.

The Chaco War is considered one of the most important war conflicts in South America, with Bolivia and Paraguay as protagonists, for the domain of an area rich in oil. It ran from September 9, 1932 to June 14, 1935.

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