President of Venezuela celebrates the reopening of the border with Colombia | News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, celebrated this Monday the reopening of the border with Colombia, highlighting that it is a huge step to restore brotherly relations and cooperation between both nations.


Venezuela and Colombia reopen their borders after seven years closed

“From the history that unites us, I send President Gustavo Petro the gratitude of more than 30 million Venezuelans for this immense step we have taken to restore brotherhood, union, cooperation, and complementarity between our peoples. which is the most important thing,” he said.

The Executive emphasized that he knew that this day was going to come “sooner rather than later”, within the framework of the reestablishment of relations between Colombia and Venezuela.

“In the darkest moments, when it came to invading Venezuela through those bridges to bring war, violence, terrorism to our country, I knew that sooner rather than later this day would come. And with faith in God I asked for it.” and this day arrived, today, Monday, September 26. I thank President Gustavo Petro of Colombia,” said the president.

Previously, through his account on the social network Twitter, President Maduro described the reopening of the border between Colombia and Venezuela as “a historic event”, which marks the beginning of a stage of relations of brotherhood, respect and peace between both countries. “We are peoples united by the unbreakable bond of Bolivarianism,” he specified.

Letter sent to the UN

The head of state also spoke about the letter sent to the 77th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), held in New York, United States (USA), and which was read by Foreign Minister Carlos Faria.

“Last Saturday I sent a letter to the United Nations that I titled ‘Letter for humanity’. A set of reflections on the current life of humanity, which was impeccably read by our Foreign Minister Carlos Faría,” he recalled.

In addition, he explained that the letter included “a set of reflections that we were making these days about the forms that geopolitics is acquiring in the world, about the threats of war, about nuclear threats, about the entanglement that is far beyond our seas”.

“I have no doubt that we are at the birth center of a new world, which will cease to be a unipolar world (…), a world of hegemons that dictate their orders and intend to treat the peoples of the world as colonies,” assured.

The Venezuelan president affirmed that a multipolar, pluricentric world is being born, “where the personality, character, identity, and diverse values ​​of humanity shine in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond.” .