President of the Council of Ministers of Peru resigns | News


The president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Aníbal Torres Vázquez, put his position at the disposal of the president of that nation, Pedro Castillo, on Wednesday.


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In a letter spread through his social networks, Torres said that he is taking this step for personal reasons, thanked the trust that Castillo placed in him and announced that he will return to his work as a university teacher.

Torres held the position as of February 8 of this year, replacing Héctor Valer Pinto. He is the fourth Chief of Staff during the administration of the current President.

Previously he headed the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, from July 2021 to last February, also within Castillo’s mandate, whom he has accompanied since his time as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic, according to local media.

In his letter to the Peruvian President, Torres stated: “I am retiring from office after having served, together with you, our country, especially the most neglected and forgotten people.”

He then pointed out that it is his turn to “return to university classrooms with my students, and return to what he missed the most: legal research”, and concludes the letter by wishing Castillo the greatest success in his management at the head of the South American country.

Press reports show that, after disseminating his letter, Torres and other members of the ministerial team arrived at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in the center of Lima (capital), but the chief of staff did not offer any statements.

Aníbal Torres was in the position of president of the Council of Ministers of Peru for six months from February 8 and became the fourth to hold this position during the presidency of Pedro Castillo.

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