President of Peru declares an emergency in the agricultural sector | News


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, declared this Sunday the emergency for the agrarian sector in favor of accelerating actions to strengthen a comprehensive agrarian reform.


President of Peru before Congress: I invite you to work together

“We have declared an emergency in the agrarian sector so that, through the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, we promote various actions that strengthen the Second Agrarian Reform,” the head of state reported.

At the same time, the Peruvian president asserted that access to land for the peasantry must be guaranteed, “our lands give us all the food and our brother farmers deserve to be supported in a comprehensive and rapid manner,” he said.

According to President Castillo, with this measure it is possible to accelerate several points on his government program, which he explained on March 15 before the National Congress. The points are: economic reactivation and productive activities with agricultural and rural development; and the promotion of science, technology and innovation.

Faced with the pretensions of a sector of Congress to promote a coup d’état, the Peruvian president urged them to work together and combat inequality in the country, “I invite you to work together promoting consensus to specify the objectives and translate them into results that benefit to the Peruvians,” he added.

“I present myself to you who have the mission to legislate so that together we can make a sovereign, democratic and socially just Homeland,” President Castillo said.

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