President Maduro: Venezuela regains its economic path amid sanctions | News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in the framework of his annual message to the National Assembly, stressed this Saturday that the country is on the path to economic recovery amid the illegal unilateral and coercive sanctions imposed by the White House.


AN of Venezuela approves legislative agenda for the period 2022

“It can be announced that after five years of economic war, Venezuela recovered the economic path, in the third quarter the economy achieved a growth of 7.6 percent and the institutions project a growth of more than four percent of the Venezuelan economy (… .) The growth of domestic trade reached 33 percent.” reported the head of state.

The president asserted that the positive numbers are also due to the political dialogue with all sectors that has triggered the re-institutionalization”, after five years of financial persecution we have managed to activate the 17 engines of the alternative Bolivarian economic agenda, with a lot of patience, adequate decisions and correct in the monetary, fiscal, foreign exchange, productive investment, national and international fields,” he said.

Continuing with the economic indices, President Maduro pondered the increase in families for their consumption, “in households there was a growth of 4.9 percent in consumption, as well as 8.7 percent in government consumption, the money in circulation increased to 3.1 percent of investment, evidencing economic growth,” he detailed.

“80 percent of the digital economy was reached, which is not what is expected, but it is a good step for the launch of the digital bolivar (…) There were 121 million digital transactions. I thank the businessmen of the country, because this achievement is collective, national, of all”, emphasized President Maduro.

Alluding to the economic recovery, the president highlighted the ventures that have taken place in recent years, which represents a revitalization of the national currency, “this 2022, we are going to invest in the credit of the ventures, I call on the Public and Private Banks to support entrepreneurs,” he added.

“The year 2022 was a before and after, a refoundation (….) in poverty indicators we achieved a substantial improvement, we managed to decrease from 18.4 to 17.7 percent, in the midst of economic recovery, and extreme poverty is remained at the same level of 4.1 percent. We propose zero extreme poverty by 2025,” the president said.

Despite the illegal sanctions that the South American nation suffers from Washington, the president reiterated that the guaranteed housing plan for the population was maintained and will continue in 2022, “last year the construction of homes reached 3,900,000 , we are setting goals such as maintaining 500,000 homes built,” he added.

Social welfare versus economic warfare

“Last year, 76 percent of the national budget was allocated to social programs (…) the bonuses that are given through the Carne de la Patria help people at the end of the month when the salary is not enough” , stated the president.

Alluding to the maintenance of social policies in the midst of illegal sanctions, the president ordered his ministers to continue executing programs to recover health centers, strengthen education and other social missions that are a reference in the world.

“This methodology was learned from China to determine the points with the greatest need and get there with encouragement and help for those who need it (…) It suits the businessman, the working class, the teacher, the doctor, the entrepreneur, the families, that the economy grows,” said President Maduro.

“Beyond the numbers, in foreign trade there was growth reviewing 2021 in relation to 2019, we have gone from resistance to recovery and we must go to flourish, and generation of goods and products for our country”, explained the head of Condition.

Regarding monetary policies in favor of guaranteeing well-being in the midst of illegal sanctions, President Maduro explained about the battle against induced inflation of which the South American country is a victim, “in the last four months, we have had inflation of a single digit. Inflation in December 2021 was the lowest since 2015, which makes us optimistic about overcoming the burdens of hyperinflation,” he said.

Recovery of public services

The Venezuelan president recalled that as a result of the illegal sanctions and the attacks of a small extremist sector against the general well-being, public services have been affected, “they use the electric war to affect the water and destabilize the country. Our goal is to guarantee the stability of all public services together with the governors and mayors, we are going to move forward with a plan to restore the water service,” he promised.

“The oil, gas, water and energy industry was set up almost entirely with US technology, no one calculated the damage it could have as a collateral-indirect effect, all these measures to block public services,” the head of state remarked. , who recalled that the Bolivarian Revolution guaranteed social rights, including public services.

At the same time, President Maduro recognized the work of the workers of Petróleo de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) for applying measures for the recovery of the oil sector, “they recovered the country’s refineries, produce the oil-derived fuels necessary for the life of the country “, narrowed.

Likewise, the president asked the authorities and the popular base to forcefully attack the mafias that sabotage the oil recovery process, “there is a proliferation of mafias with different outfits that control gasoline pumps and distribution, it is shameful and there is to end. I ask for the support of all the honest sectors of the country and I ask that the operation and distribution of fuels in the country be regularized,” he said.

“It was a year where we rescued something that we must cultivate, love for our country. I ask Venezuelans to be part of this great crusade in defense of good and how great Venezuela is, it is forbidden to speak ill of our country,” he said. the head of state.

Dialogue for political understanding

The president described the previous year as the year of re-institutionalization and political understanding with all political sectors, “it was the year of the consolidation of political peace and national dialogue, of the consolidation of the internal stability of the country, of the operation of public powers and institutions beyond the difficulties, it was a great year to overcome the prolonged and permanent conspiracy that sought and seeks a destabilizing duality of power”, he added.

Faced with the role of the Colombian government in the political destabilization of the country, President Maduro explained that despite Duque’s claims of wanting a parallel power in Caracas, his plans failed and peace and national constitutionality triumphed.

“The Colombian narco-oligarchy tried to impose a parallel president, a National Assembly, a Court of Justice, but here we are with the power of our conscience and constitutional power. 2021 was the definitive and crushing defeat of the parallel power plan that sought destroy Venezuela from the outside,” he said.

Likewise, in his annual message, the head of state indicated that the five powers are firm and in full force, “always with a critical view, but the powers in Venezuela are in operation, the parallel plan of the Colombian narco-ligarchy has failed. Victory of the Homeland, victory of the Constitution and of the Venezuelans,” he said.

During his statement, the head of state recalled that the mega-elections were successful as a result of the political dialogue, “the regional elections were a total success (…) it is very difficult to go to elections in the midst of the problems generated by the economic war, They have launched atomic bombs on our currency, oil, our gold, foreign purchases, these are unprecedented attacks,” he said.

“We went to the elections with loyalty to the Constitution, it was discussed and agreed, through dialogue, to hold the elections for Governors and Mayors together (…) We believe that a Constitution is alive when the people fully exercise their rights, and On this occasion, the people with their vote chose their governors, in the midst of precarious conditions,” explained the Venezuelan president.

Faced with the dialogue process that was taking place in Mexico, President Maduro asserted that he is fully willing to continue with the agenda that had been agreed with the opposition sectors, but Alex Saab, a diplomat who is kidnapped in the United States, must be released. States (USA).

“The kidnapping of Alex Saab stabbed the dialogue in the back in Mexico, I ask that positive and corrective actions be taken and that sooner rather than later the dialogue in Mexico be restored to advance the substantial proposals that we had already discussed,” he said. the mandatary.

At the same time, he asked the White House to tell the official who gave the order for the kidnapping of the Venezuelan diplomat, “Joe Biden, did you make the decision to kidnap Alex Saab? (…) when we had reached an optimum point in the negotiations, the US kidnapped our diplomat,” he said.

regional relations

“We managed to consolidate the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), we had two wonderful Summits, we went to share with our brothers from Latin America and the Caribbean. This year we are going to promote plans of production of food and medicine,” said President Maduro.

The president also explained that in the midst of the gradual recovery of the country, projects such as Petrocaribe will be strengthened, “we have come out to defend world economic stability and the oil market,” he asserted.

“In 2021, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was revived, which now assumes the Argentine presidency, I am sure that we will continue to strengthen trade agreements in the region,” said the president.

At the same time, the head of state recalled that world geopolitics is facing new changes, “we believe in a world of peace, now the emerging powers such as China and Russia are the ones that have extended their hands to Venezuela,” he assured. .

battle against the pandemic

“Today we are reaching 95 percent of the adult population vaccinated thanks to Russia, China and Cuba, thanks to them Venezuela got its vaccines (…) now we start with the vaccination of children over two years old. It is important to reach 100 percent of vaccinated to protect ourselves,” explained the president.

As a result of internal biosafety policies and strong diplomatic relations with the world, the president reported that for this year 84 percent of school, high school and university students are in the classroom, “we have managed to get students to go to classes, we also managed to exceed 90 percent of the level of schooling,” he added.

“The vaccine is synonymous with freedom and the three components that are caring, getting vaccinated and having the best treatments in the world ready (…) we will not give up the 7+7 Method if it becomes necessary later,” explained the head of state.

The president urged the population to take care of the variants that they have discovered of Covid-19, “the Omicron variant is becoming dominant, it is highly contagious (…) In the first week of January, Venezuela achieved a record in the infections of five per 100,000 inhabitants. But then it grew until today that we have 18 per 100,000 inhabitants,” he added.