President Bolivian urges indigenous peoples to guarantee unity | News

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, urged the indigenous peoples on Friday to guarantee the internal unity of their organizational structure, given the intention of the oligarchy of that country to divide the various social sectors.


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During the inauguration of the 8th Ordinary Congress of the Central of Indigenous Peoples of Beni, the president warned that to achieve the objective of the division they are using the same strategies of the past.

He also pointed out that the groups that promote these actions seek to hinder the progress of the South American nation.

In his speech, he asserted that “it is important to maintain the unity of our indigenous peoples, unity of brothers and sisters, we cannot subordinate personal and individual interests to the collective interests and interests of the great majority.”

“When you listen to those voices, brothers, never forget those great leaders who fought and did not give in to these gifts and who kept the flame of the indigenous peoples alive until they achieved all the benefits established in the Political Constitution of the State,” said the leader.

On the other hand, he addressed the need for the congress of indigenous communities to delve into issues related to the political and social context of the country, amid the divisive efforts of the external and internal oligarchy.

The Bolivian head of state also urged that the best men and women be elected to represent the indigenous peoples and continue in the struggle to consolidate the rights achieved for their benefit.