Preparations made in Bermuda before the arrival of Hurricane Fiona | News


Bermuda residents prepare this Thursday for the arrival of Category 4 Hurricane Fiona, which is advancing across the Atlantic, after causing several deaths and serious damage to infrastructure in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.


The US declares a health emergency in Puerto Rico after Fiona

People have covered windows, secured roofs and stocked up on groceries, as well as batteries for flashlights and other essentials, awaiting Fiona’s arrival in the next few hours.

The last part of the National Hurricane Center of the United States (CNH) indicated that Fiona maintains maximum sustained winds of over 215 kilometers per hour and was, so far, 495 kilometers from Bermuda, with a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

In addition, they expect the eye of the hurricane to pass to the west of the islands on the night of this day, while there are warnings of torrential rains for the entire territory.

On the other hand, the NHC warned of the increase in significant risks due to wind, storm surge and heavy rains for the Atlantic coast of Canada.

On her way through Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Fiona left some ten dead, thousands displaced, floods, landslides, obstructed roads and damage to structures.

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