Popular Party wins regional elections in Andalusia, Spain | News


The conservative Popular Party (PP) reached this Sunday an absolute majority in the regional elections of the southern community of Andalusia, the most populous in Spain and will repeat as head of the local government, although without the need for pacts with other political formations.


Parliamentary elections end in Andalusia, Spain

The conservative political party won 58 seats, the socialists would get 30 of the 109 deputies from the regional parliament, and Vox (extreme right) would get 14.

For their part, the left-wing forces Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía would have five and two, respectively, while the liberals of Ciudadanos would lose representation in the regional legislative chamber.

The right obtained more than 43 percent of the votes and widely doubled its deputies, going from the 26 obtained in the December 2018 elections to the 58 this Sunday, of the 109 that make up the regional parliament, according to data from 99, 6 percent of the vote.

With their first absolute majority, the Conservatives ousted the Socialist Party (PSOE) as the main political force in Andalusia, which fell to 30 parliamentarians.

Moreno Bonilla, regional leader of the PP, governed since the 2018 elections in coalition with the liberals of Ciudadanos, who did not obtain any representation on this occasion, and with parliamentary support from Vox (extreme right, now represented by Macarena Olona).

After the results, Moreno Bonilla appreciated that Andalusian society gave him what he called a “sufficient and forceful majority to govern for all” effectively without having to depend on other parties, and promised “four more years of prosperity.”

It had been 14 years since anyone governed with an absolute majority in Andalusia, since 2008, when the socialists of the PSOE won 56 seats.

The PP would achieve its best historical electoral result in Andalusia and would unseat the Socialists as the main political force in the region and, in fact, they are beginning to request electoral advancement at the national level where the new leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo aspires to unseat the current Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

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