Photos: Güicho, drug trafficker who was at Lupillo Rivera’s concert, has sisters in collusion with Mexican officials


Hermanas del Güicho, leader of Carteles Unidos, have links with Mexican officials.

Photo: @DeIntelligencia / Courtesy

In social networks they leaked Photographs revealing an alleged link between mexican officials Y Luis Enrique Barraganaliases guicho, leader of the United Cartelsthe same drug trafficker who was at a concert by the singer a few days ago Lupillo Rivera. In the images that circulate on the internet, two of Güicho’s sisters can be seen, posing in a romantic attitude with two men, who are presumably officials of the Michoacan Prosecutor’s Office.

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The photos show two young people, one of them in a blue dress, embracing a man in a plaid shirt and glasses; in the other, a girl in pink clothes can also be seen, next to a boy. It is worth mentioning that so far the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office has not denied or clarified the rumors that are gaining more and more strength. It is said that these Mexican officials notified Güicho every time the police or Federal Forces they carried out operations so that he would take care of himself and not get caught.

The day that Lupillo sang to them

In February of this year, a video of a palenque of the Mexican regional music interpreter, Lupillo Rivera, was also broadcast, in which it is appreciated that he sings the song “Black pigeon” to a group of leaders of the United Cartels; Among them was El Güicho, one of the most bloodthirsty drug traffickers in the state of Michoacán.

This subject is dedicated to drug dealing, drug traffic, kidnapping, extortion Y assault. Now he walks around as if nothing had happened and has fun at concerts like that of the Mexican regional music singer. El Güicho Barragán, from the criminal group of the Kings R-5in which his brothers and sisters also participate, is “a family business”.

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