Pets become the other face of the invasion of Ukraine


Dogs and cats also suffer the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: Anastasia Vlasova/Getty Images

As tension grows over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the exodus of citizens begins who take their pets with them in search of a safe place, however, not everyone has the same luck.

The vast majority of Ukrainian citizens seeking to leave their homeland, is doing it to Poland and Romania, but they are not willing to leave their faithful pets to their fate, and do their best to take them with them.

Despite this, testimonials on social networks show that there is a significant number of dogs and cats that roam the streets, since their masters could not take them with them to their new destination.

Andrea Cisternino, a former Italian photographer who arrived in Ukraine in 2012 and together with his wife Vlada Shalutko began to combat the hunting of stray dogs. Since then, it began to shelter dozens of animals in Kiev, a few kilometers away from where impacts were reported today.

β€œI don’t abandon my dogs, my animals. I can also die here with them ”, this was the last message that she published on her social networks to make it clear that she does not intend to leave her animals for the world.

At the moment, he protects 400 animals in his shelter, which he established in 2017 after the first one he built burned down in 2014, so his love for his animals of different species will not allow him to leave them during the Russian attack.

However, not all animals suffered the same fate, for example, the Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine took action when trying to get the compatriots who were in the country.but sent a prior notice that pets would not be allowed on the trip to Romania.

Given the situation, veterinarians and dog training schools in Ukraine asked those who have pets not to abandon them, recommending some measures such as supplying enough drinking water to cover pets, food for at least a month, having a carrier, including an address on their collars, do not walk them without a leash, and have the documentation of the animals at hand.

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