Peruvian Prime Minister denounces congressional dictatorship | News

The Prime Minister of Peru, Aníbal Torres denounced on Wednesday that there is a dictatorship in Congress that is doing a lot of damage to the country.


Congress suspends session to disqualify the president of Peru

The warning from the also president of the Council of Ministers, was given after learning of Parliament’s refusal to allow him to go to the legislative body to request a vote of confidence for a bill from the Executive.

Torres declared that “one cannot govern on the basis of absolute ignorance,” criticizing the fact that the head of Congress, José Williams, has responded to his request to raise a question of trust as inadmissible in a letter received on Wednesday.

According to Aníbal Torres, it is not the exclusive power of legislators to initiate an initiative in the legislative body, in reference to the project presented by the Executive that proposes to repeal an existing law on the vote of confidence.

Torres affirmed that maintaining that the question of trust is exclusive to Congress is “a major atrocity.”

“That is the Peru in which we are living, where the legal system and the Political Constitution are unknown,” stressed the Peruvian Prime Minister.

Aníbal Torres sent a request to Congress on Tuesday to assist the legislative body to present the matter of confidence to the cabinet of ministers.

At the request of the prime minister, the leader of Congress indicated that the “request is not acceptable”, among other points, because “all filing of a matter of trust must deal with matters or matters of competence of the Executive Power” and “not with respect to exclusive and excluding powers of Congress”.