Peruvian President will denounce a television program | News


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, declared this Sunday that he will file a complaint for false accusations against the local television program Panorama, which accused the president of receiving a “reward” of 30,000 soles (about 7,630 dollars).


Former Peruvian presidential secretary Bruno Pacheco arrested

The ruler wrote this Sunday night on his Twitter account: “I strongly reject the false accusations issued by the Panorama program, stating that he would have received a ‘reward’ of 30 thousand soles.”

“In honor of journalistic truth, I demand a serious investigation to clarify this falsehood,” said the Peruvian head of state.

He added that, “exercising my right as a citizen and as President of the Republic, I will proceed to denounce the indicated journalistic production that spreads false news, whose sole purpose is to deceive and manipulate the citizenry.”

The Panorama program reported this Sunday that the former presidential secretary, Bruno Pacheco, who is detained on charges of alleged corruption, declared before the Public Ministry that President Castillo received illicit money at the Government Palace.

According to the account, Pacheco indicated that, in exchange for the appointment of Hugo Chávez Arévalo as head of Petroperú, he received 15,000 soles (about 3,815 dollars) as a bribe, while Castillo would have received 30,000 soles (7,630 dollars).

The Panorama program also reported that the former presidential secretary, who surrendered to justice last week, confessed that the president, since last October, received money in a briefcase from the former Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva, as a result of bribes for works from his portfolio.

“Pacheco is in the first person and says that he himself attended Silva and that he himself coordinated his admission and that Silva gave that quota to Pedro Castillo. The records say that, in effect, Silva entered a working meeting with the president on October 18, 2021, and met with the president for five hours, “said the Sunday.

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