Peruvian President rejects plans to close Congress | News


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, assured on Saturday that he does not intend to close the Congress, which is in the hands of the Peruvian opposition.


Peru’s ministerial cabinet will seek vote of confidence on March 8

“Around here, through my head, what they say about closing Congress hasn’t happened. What I want is to close the gaps in this country,” said President Castillo.

During an interview with the radio program La Pizarra, by the Spanish political adviser Alfredo Serrano, the head of state indicated that he does not plan to remain in power at the end of his term in 2026.

“I would like to tell them to get out of their heads that I have come to eternalize myself in power,” he said.

“On July 28, 2026, I will give the post to whoever this country designates as the president who succeeds me and I will go to the appropriate place, I will return to school, that is my space. I will return to my community, where I came from, because I I owe to the people,” added Castillo.

Despite the tensions with Congress, Pedro Castillo addressed the members of parliament to invite them to leave the confrontation and work for the country and the most disadvantaged classes.

Pedro Castillo also lamented the delay caused by the presentation of a new Ministerial Cabinet to receive the vote of confidence from Congress, as well as the impact that the summonses that the Ministers of State usually have by Parliament have on their work plan so that they respond to specific topics.

According to the president in Congress, “there is a certain sector that does not look at the country and its responses are clearly of a political nature,” which is why he considered that Parliament is the one who wants to impose its agenda.

Congress summoned the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, on March 8 to present the plans of the new cabinet and request a vote of confidence.

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