Peru requires a Spanish company to compensate damages due to oil spill | News


The Peruvian Foreign Ministry sued the Spanish company Repsol on Wednesday for damages caused by an oil spill in Ventanilla, Callao province, and demanded that the consequences of the incident be compensated immediately.


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“The Repsol oil spill in Ventanilla is the worst ecological disaster that has occurred in Lima in recent times, and has caused serious damage to hundreds of fishermen’s families. Repsol must compensate this damage immediately”, reads the official account of the Foreign Ministry on the Twitter platform.

Likewise, the foreign affairs portfolio stressed that this situation has endangered the ecosystem of two protected areas: the National Reserve of the System of Islands, Islets and Guaneras Points, Islotes de Pescadores; and the Ancón Reserved Zone.

The disaster occurred on January 15 when a ship leaving the La Pampilla refinery (managed by Repsol) spilled an amount of crude that is estimated to be close to 6,000 barrels, although this figure has not yet been specified.

The disaster area is located on the coastal strip of the Callao region, a territory near Lima; and the spill has affected the sea in the vicinity of the Peruvian capital.

In response to the spill, the Peruvian government has ordered the suspension of activities at the refinery terminal until the cause of the incident is determined.

For its part, the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office has already opened the investigation for the alleged crime of environmental pollution while the Communications Manager of the Repsol company, Tine Van den Wall Bake Rodríguez, said that said transnational did not cause the disaster nor can point out the culprits.

The company official explained that they had been carrying out the unloading since the previous day, and asked the Navy if there was any alert on the Peruvian coast, in reference to the strong waves unleashed by the volcanic eruption in Tonga.

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