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The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, gave a speech to her people, where she provided a detailed report on the achievements of her administration after serving 100 days this Sunday as head of the country’s government.


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Castro made reference to the conditions in which he assumed the reins of the country, after defeating previous conservative politicians. “We anticipated the darkest forces of the most conservative and extremist sectors of Honduras, who tried to deal us an early blow by taking control of the National Congress,” he recalled in the message broadcast on national television.

“But they failed thanks to the popular mobilization that accompanied me to defend what we won overwhelmingly at the polls,” he said. In the opinion of the Head of State, the people imposed their sovereign will marking a milestone that will be remembered for generations.

He recalled that the first step after approving the new Legislative power was to give the green light to the Amnesty Law and condemn the 2009 coup against former President Manuel Zelaya, her husband, and that it was a step of justice and to build the project of reconciliation.

“The end of the economy is not that the majority sacrifice themselves, while others make great profits in the midst of a sea of ​​wretches,” he argued. That is why in three months his main challenge has been to lay the foundations to combat poverty and corruption inherited from the previous Administration.

Fight against corruption and transparency

“The Pandoras (corruption scandal exposed in The Pandora Papers), those who looted the Insurance, those of the mobile hospitals and some who still continue to call the coup constitutional succession and do not understand that they broke the constitutional order and sank the country installing a mafia that has plundered us for 12 years”, he commented.

“Every day we discover new tricks to avoid changes, but we move forward. We have defeated them and we will continue to win victories on the side of our people”, he assured, while criticizing that the privatization model he faces is experiencing its most savage phase, which destroys everything and ruthlessly accumulates wealth.

Close to 20,000 million dollars in debt was inherited by the current government, money that cannot be found or is in the hands of corrupt people. “Ways must be found to compensate for the damage caused by the partners of this system that protects corrupt people and drug traffickers,” he asserted.

The head of state indicated that they would confront those who continue to exercise power through violence in every sense. She created the Secretariat for Transparency and the Fight Against Corruption, to install the International Commission Against Corruption and Impunity (CICIH) in the future.

“Our country has been used as a laboratory to put into practice the plan for the dismemberment of the territory and the nation,” Castro lamented.

The ruler called for building a new society, a process that is only possible if the outdated structures that are a school of corruption and that protect the permanence of the current unjust order are dismantled, she stressed.

Energy and fuel situation

Nearly 1,300,000 families that consume less than 150 kilowatts per month, without political distinction, currently receive free energy in their homes, according to Castro.

Consumer costs for fuel are subsidized, since the cost was lowered by 10 lempiras (0.50 dollars). More than 7,000 million a year will be invested by the State in this social benefit, according to him.

education and schooling

Among Castro’s priorities for these three months of government was to guarantee free enrollment and school meals for children, in order to recover education. In this sense, the budget for education and educational infrastructure was increased.

The return to school of 1,700,000 children, after two years of the pandemic, was also mentioned as an achievement. With the reintegration into school life, a massive vaccination of students was also promoted.

Natural resources

The law of the Employment and Economic Development Zones (ZEDE) was repealed by legislative decree. With this project, widely rejected by the citizens, territories were handed over, violating the Magna Carta.

“This privatizing model that I am facing (…) is the same one that leaves us without forests, without water and even without oxygen, and the one that sells our territory. We must fight to change it because it is materially unfeasible and morally unjustifiable”, he expressed.

In addition, the president declared the country free of open pit mining. In this way, she is committed to the conservation of natural resources, especially the 30 percent of the forest that remains in Honduras.

Therefore, 2,000 soldiers will be deployed to protected areas to prevent indiscriminate logging.

Workers and violence against women

Xiomara Castro mentioned that they are working on a Comprehensive Law against Violence against women that will be debated in Congress.

He also referred to the fact that the Central Bank reduced interest to encourage production and repealed hourly employment as a rule in favor of workers and returned their labor rights to them.

In the same way, he called on the people to recover the country, its natural resources, provide equity and change the course towards collective well-being, based on their own daily effort.

He mentioned that the difficult situation in the country is aggravated by the war in Ukraine, so emergency measures have been taken to protect food security.

“The future is ours. Nothing is immutable. History is made by the people and always tends towards the liberation of the most neglected, ”said the president in her message.

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