Panamanian workers mobilize for salary improvements | News

Workers and members of popular movements in Panama will march this Thursday from the Belisario Porras park to the National Assembly to demand improvements in working conditions and wages.


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The general secretary of the National Confederation of Independent Trade Union Unity (Conusi), Marcos Andrade, told the media that the participants in the march, scheduled for 4:00 p.m. local time, will deliver a list of social demands at the Parliament headquarters

According to calls disseminated by the Conusi through social networks, among them are the reduction in prices of the basic basket and basic services, which register increases in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andrade added that the so-called People’s March seeks to mobilize solidarity with the struggles of other groups, such as the Single National Union of Workers in the Construction and Similar Industries (Suntracs), whose members demand that employers sign the Collective Bargaining Agreements and improve working conditions.

The union leader stated that Conusi will join the call to carry out a strike throughout the country on April 4 if the Panamanian Chamber of Construction does not agree to the salary increase demanded by members of Suntracs.

He pointed out that this Thursday’s march will have the support of civil aviation employees and workers of the Mexican transnational Bimbo, both enrolled in negotiations with employers.

Andrade explained that they will require the government of President Laurentino Cortizo to eliminate the current Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition, and establish in its place the National Price Council, which would have the state task of regulating prices transparently.

During the mobilization, they will also ask for justice for workers, producers, native peoples, educators and residents of humble settlements facing evictions.