Panamanian Public Ministry investigates forced sterilizations | News


A special group of prosecutors attached to the Panamanian Attorney General’s Office and the Public Ministry was created to investigate a series of cases of non-consensual sterilizations of indigenous women.


Panama investigates complaint of sterilization of indigenous women

β€œThe Public Ministry forms a special team of prosecutors, to carry out investigations related to a complaint filed about possible non-consensual sterilization procedures,” reads the statement issued by the entity this Monday.

The same text details that the investigation was prompted by a complaint made on February 17 by Deputy Kayra Harding of the National Assembly of Panama, after a tour of the Bocas de Toro region.

The institution revealed that during the conversation one of the women denounced that they were sterilized without their consent once they gave birth.

“The Public Ministry reiterates its commitment to offer society an impartial, objective, transparent, expeditious and uninterrupted Administration of Justice,” concluded the document posted on the Ministry’s social networks.

It is worth mentioning that according to information from local media, on previous dates, more than a dozen Panamanian indigenous women reported having been sterilized without their consent in a public hospital, an issue that is also being investigated by the Ministry of Health.

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