Ortega accuses the Catholic Church of a ‘perfect dictatorship’ and of supporting ‘a coup d’état’ in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, attacked the Catholic Church, which he described as a “perfect dictatorship”, as well as “using” their bishops to “give a coup” in the country.

“A coup, an institution like the Catholic Church, using their bishops here in Nicaragua to carry out a coup d’état”, said. “Since when are priests ready to stage a coup? Since when do they have the authority to talk about democracy?” she wondered.

Thus, he questioned “who elects” priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope. “If they are going to be democratic, let them start choosing with the Catholic vote,” he said, before adding that the Church “is a dictatorship, a perfect dictatorship, a perfect tyranny.”

Ortega warned Pope Francis “with all due respect” that he “is Catholic” but “does not feel represented.” “Because of everything we know about that terrible story, but also because of the fact that we hear them talk about democracy and they don’t practice democracy,” he valued, before arguing that “it would be a revolution if the pope was elected by the Catholic people of the world.” .

In this line, he stressed that “the habit does not make the monk” and added that religios “have committed thousands of crimes in the world”. “Thousands of crimes that have been reported since the inquisition, where they burned, murdered those who did not think like them,” he said.

“The Holy Catholic Church burning, killing, incinerating, persecuting, organizing crusades to assassinate those who did not share their creed. Blessing and giving a holy ordinance when the conquerors invaded our lands,” said the president, according to the Nicaraguan television network Telenica Channel 8.

Therefore, he spoke of “a church that was corrupted, that denigrated Christ, that stained Christ” and denounced that in 2018 in the country “some bishops and some priests, taking advantage of their investiture, instead of assuming a Christian attitude, assumed a terrorist attitude”.

“That priest is recorded there, that when they burn a colleague there in Masayathere is the footage where he says (…) ‘go throw him in a toilet’”, he stated, while reporting that “some bishops” called for his assassination. “That is to say, a gang of assassins undercover with the Catholic Church,” he pointed out.

(With information from Europe Press)