Omicron will not be the only variant of COVID-19 concern, experts warn

Scientists confirmed that the omicron variant she won’t be the only one concern variant of COVID-19 that it exists for the future, since with each contagion it offers an opportunity for the virus to mutate and evolve into more aggressive strains for human beings.

“The faster it spreads omicron, there are more opportunities for mutations, which could lead to more variants,” the epidemiologist told the AP agency. Leonard Martinez, infectious disease specialist Boston University.

Although the next variants that COVID-19 may have are unknown, scientists have made it clear that there is no guarantee that the consequences of omicron cause milder illness or that the vaccines existing ones work against them, which is why they urged to be vaccinated while these drugs continue to be effective against the virus.

To stop the appearance of other variants of COVID-19, experts continue to recommend continuing with sanitary measures such as the use of face masks.

The wave of contagions by omicron, which began in Africa and which in December was already evident in Europe or America, is notorious in all the regions studied by the WHO, with almost vertical rises in the contagion curves in all the continents (in the South Asia cases quintupled last week).

This week, the World Health Organization (who) insisted that omicron’s ability to cause damage should not be underestimated and assured that it will not be the last variant of the coronavirus that will be detected, without being able to predict whether the next one will cause a more or less serious type of disease.

“Ómicron may be less severe in the infection it causes an individual, but this does not mean that it causes mild illness. Right now there are a lot of people around the world who are in intensive care units and on mechanical ventilation, so obviously I wouldn’t say that this is a disease that can be taken lightly,” he said at a press conference. Director of Health Emergencies of the WHO, mike ryan.

The experts from the health institution asked governments and citizens to continue using all the tools available to stop as much as possible the advance of omicron, which has already become the dominant variant, representing 60 percent of cases to world level.

With fifteen million new cases, last week became the one with the highest number of infections since the pandemic began and this considering that it is an underreporting, stressed the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

With information from EFE

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