Ombudsman Warns of Wave of Violence in Arauca, Colombia | News

The Colombian Ombudsman’s Office warned this Friday of what it called the “great tension” existing in the department of Arauca, in the east of the country, due to clashes between members of irregular armed groups, which have already left 33 dead.


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According to the ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, during a visit to the area, “the fear of the communities persists. For this reason, we are in the department of Arauca talking directly with the communities that have been affected by the actions of the groups illegal armed groups who dispute illicit activities in the border area”.

The Ombudsman’s Office also warned that in addition to the 170 families that are currently displaced in Arauca, “the phenomenon is beginning to be felt in Norte de Santander”, a department where 24 families have arrived, according to a statement from the institution.

During a visit by Camargo to the affected towns, they have called on the armed groups to “respect the civilian population, keep it out of their activities, stop homicides in their territory and not recruit minors “.

The Colombian authorities reported at the beginning of the year that they had found at least 27 bodies in the rural areas of the municipalities of Fortul, Saravena and Arauquita, in Arauca; and in the town of Cubará, in the department of Boyacá.

As detailed in a press conference by the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, the victims would have been forced to leave their homes by armed men.

President Iván Duque has tried to stifle the situation in the area by militarizing it.