North Korea reports 21 new fever deaths of unknown origin


North Korea reported 21 new deaths this Friday among people with feveras the country battles its first Covid-19 outbreak that state leader Kim Jong Un called it “great turmoil.”

Some 280,810 people were being treated and 27 people have died since a fever of unknown origin began to be reported in the country since the end of April, the news agency KCNA.

State media did not indicate whether the new deaths were due to Covid. KCNA said one death had been confirmed to be due to the variant omicron of the coronavirus.

The reports were made at a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party early Saturday attended by leader Kim, who said the outbreak was a major disaster for the country since its founding but can be overcome.

The health crisis has been caused by the incompetence and irresponsibility of party organizations in their response against the epidemic, and efforts should be made to overcome the outbreak in the shortest possible period, Kim said. (Reuters)

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