Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal take vacations together in Peru


After announcing that they were ready to live together, Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal decided to take their first trip as a couple to another country and enjoy their controversial romance in Peru.

Through her Instagram stories, the famous Cuban has shared a bit of her vacation in the Peruvian country, where she took the opportunity to visit the archaeological site of Machu Picchu: “Good morning my beautiful people,” Marcos wrote next to a photograph of her on the Huayna Picchu hill.

Likewise, one of the followers of the so-called ‘Scandal Woman’ uploaded a video where we can see the couple at a meal, while Marcos dedicates a few words to Vidal: “How I love to travel, my life is perfect, only you were missing ”.

Similarly, Niurka’s fan club released some photographs where the couple in love walks through Machu Pichu and share romantic moments.

Meanwhile, Juan Vidal also showed off a bit of his walk through his social networks, in addition to showing an image where he kisses his girlfriend on the cheek in the middle of the landscape of the famous archaeological site.

The vacations of the celebrities divided opinions on social networks, because while some support the couple, others still doubt the authenticity of the courtship: “Long live love”, “The guy can’t stand it anymore”, “Pure publicity”, ” The envious would like it”, “Juan Mantenido”, “Blessings”, are some comments that could be read.

Niurka and Juan Vidal met during their stay in the second edition of ‘The House of the famous’, where they began their controversial romance, which has been questioned on several occasions.

However, both celebrities have maintained that their love is true and they do not care about the criticism that arises against them.

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