NFL: Minnesota prevails in final heart attack against New York | Video

Minnesota Vikings They imposed themselves 22-27 to New York Jets on the Sunday day of the week 13 from the US Bank Stadium from Minnesota, where the locals managed to improve 10-2 mark on the season.

The match, with direct implications in the postseason for both teams, began in favor of the locals, who barely four plays stole the ball from Mike Whitequarterback of the jets. The pass, which was bounced by the defense, ended up in the hands of Harrison Smith.

The offensive of Minnesota could not move the chains three times and they settled for a short field goal by Greg Joseph to go up 0-3. The rest of the first quarter saw no more points than Vikingsbut the New Yorkers converted their own field goal with Greg Zuerlein to even the score.

Already in the second episode, the Vikings had their best series at the moment, covering 59 yards in almost seven minutes. After good connections kirk cousins with Justin Jefferson Y T.J. Hockensonit was the runner davin cook who returned the advantage to the locals, 3-10, with a short carry.

Before half time the Vikings they found the diagonals again with a carry by alexander mattisonwhich added to another Joseph field goal, increased the advantage. The jets They could only answer for the leg of zuerlein and they went to break down 6-20.

The third quarter was dominated by the jetsbut good Minnesota defensive series only allowed two Zuerlein field goalswho brought his family closer 12-20. The last room saw a again New Yorkers field goalwho were already one possession away from the lead.

Pressured by the offensive New York, kirk cousins led his best series of the second half, relying on the veteran Adam Thielen, who took the ovoid to the rival fourteen-yard line. On third-and-six, the quarterback found Justin Jeffersonincreasing the lead at 15-27 with just over eight minutes remaining.

In need of a quick notation, the jets they opened with a Massive 48-yard carry by Zonovan Knight, which coupled with a 24-yard pass interference penalty, left them at the 5-yard line. New York found the diagonals in a one-yard run on fourth down and narrowed the gap to 22-27.

The defense stopped Cosuins and company for a chance to go on top for the first time in the game. Minnesota appeared to have done the job by forcing a fourth chance and tenbut White found Corey Davis in a 31 yard pass that kept them alive.

Already at the one yard, New York couldn’t get into the end zone on the groundand in his last breath White searched for Braxton Berriosthat could not secure the ball and gave life to the Vikings, who, locked in their end zone, still had not claimed victory.

The defense fulfilled the task and they forced the locals to clear inside their own score. With 1:20 remaining, the New Yorkers’ search for a miracle began. The series started well with two passes that brought them closer to the red zone, but in fourth and ten, Camryn Bynum intercepted to make it 22-27.

The Week 13 of the 2022-23 NFL season is played as follows:

Thursday December 1
Bills 24-10 Patriots

Sunday December 4
Titans 10-35 Eagles
Packers 28-19 Bears
Jaguars 14-40 Lions
Coffee 27-14 -Texans
Jets 22-27 Vikings
Steelers 19-16 Falcons
Broncos 9-10 Ravens
Commanders 20-20 Giants
Dolphins-49ers, 3:05 p.m.
Seahawks-Rams, 3:05 p.m.
Chargers-Raiders, 3:25 p.m.
Chiefs-Bengalis, 3:25 p.m.
Colts-Cowboys, 7:20 p.m.

Monday December 5
Santos-Buccaneers, 7:15 p.m.