NFL: Kyler Murray, first stellar casualty for the game in CDMX? | Tweet

Kyler Murrayquarterback of the Arizona Cardinalscould not play the match of Monday Night Football on the grill of the Aztec stadium when they receive the San Francisco 49erssince their participation is expected to be a decision that will be made on the same Monday.

A hamstring injury kept on the bench murray last week and his participation in training this week was limited. The two-time All-Star Bowl call-uptested his limitations in training on Friday, where he was seen running, but did not participate in the entire session.

kliff kingsburyhead coach of Arizona, stated that Murray’s progress on injury ‘has come a long way’but play in the Mexico City even It is not a fact, but it has not been ruled out either. with two days to go before the meeting.

The stellar pin lost a 27-17 win over the Los Angeles Rams last weekwhere it was also a pre-match decision. Colt McCoya veteran who has taken Murray’s place, started the match but was replaced shortly after by trace mcsorley.

Right now, Klinsbury is optimistic about have either Murray or McCoy to face Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners in the game that will close the week 11.

In the season, murray has added 2,168 yards, 12 touchdown passes, six interceptions, with a percentage of effectiveness of 66.7%. On the ground, the quarterback adds 359 yards and two scores.

The International Game Mexico City 2022 will start at 7:20 p.m.central Mexico time, in the Aztec stadiummarking the return of the NFL to Mexican lands after three years of absence due to a pandemic.

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