NFL: Dallas doesn’t miss Dak Prescott in tight win over Cincinnati | Video


dallas cowboys won in a close match 17-20 to the Cincinnati Bengalswho recovered from a 14-point deficit but were unable to seal victory on their visit to AT&T Stadium in Texas.

Cowboyscommanded by Cooper Rush behind the dak prescott injury in Week 1, they started the match in the best possible way, with a long and sustained offensive of 14 plays and 75 yards that concluded with a short pass from Rush to Noah Brown to get on top 0-7 with nine minutes remaining in the first episode.

Cincinnati would seek to respond on his first offensive possession of the game from the hand of the quarterback Joe Burrowwho opened the contest with two accurate passes for more than 10 yards, first with running back Joe Mixon, and then with his star wide receiver and former teammate at LSU, Ja’Marr Chase.

However, the offense stalled, first with a penalty for -5 yards and then with a capture defensive rookie of the year, Mikah Parsons. The current champions of the American Conference had to settle for a 43-yard field goal of Evan McPherson to narrow the gap 3-7.

In his next offensive series, Rush and the lone star squadron did their thing again, touring 80 yards in less than three minutes offensive sprint that ended with a carry Tony Polard for a yard and lead 3-14. Pollard had previously completed a 46 yard reception that left him nothing from his first touchdown through the air.

In the second quarter the offensives would go out with four consecutive series ending in the leg of the Punters Kevin Huber of the Bengalis, and Bryan Anger for Dallas.

It would literally be the last minute of the first half that Dallas he would get on the scoreboard again after stopping the visitors within his own 10-yard line and recovering the ball at the rival’s 50-yard line. Rush would complete two short passes that would bring Brett Maher who connected a 54 yard kick to go to rest upstairs 3-17.

In the third quarter, the NFL runners-up would have their first chance to cut home-court advantage, and with a solid series combining the passing and running game, Burrow was able to get close enough to McPhersonwho connected another field goal and signed the 6-17.

After a good defensive performance that slowed down Rush and the Cowboys, the Cats started another good drive that would look to get them back in the game. Burrow started with a long pass to Tee Higgins who contributed 19 yards and left them in the rival’s 40. When they were approaching Red zonelinebacker Leighton Vander Esch crashed the party and got the capture, so that mcpherson I would have to go back to the grid and place the marker 9-17.

With the visitors closing the gap, Dallas sought to command a long offensive series that would once again increase their advantage, however, things were far from planned, since on a short pass to the tight end Dalton Schultzthe receiver does not was able to retain possession of the ball that was released free and went recovered by DJ Reader from the Bengals.

Fortunately for those led by mike mccarthy, the turnover only resulted in a 1:16, five-yard drive before they got control of the ball again. The bad news continued and their offense couldn’t do anything either, so they cleared the ball after only two minutes.

With almost 13 minutes into the last episodeCincinnati would have the opportunity to seek the tie and the comeback in the match. He just took them 8 minutes, 54 seconds, and 21 moves Joe Burrow and his offense pull off the feat.

In a fairly even series between runs and passes, Joe Burrow ran nearly 80 yards to put your team back in contention. With three minutes left, and inside the Cowboys’ five-yard line, Burrow released a short pass to his right which he found Higgins and I would place them 15-17. With the possibility of equalizing the score with the conversionthe offense returned to the field and with a pass to Tyler Boyd the game was tied.

The following offenses by both teams ended in a clearancethe last of Cincinnati, and who would leave less than a minute on the clock to those at home.

Dallaswho would start the offense on his own 35, began one last big drive from Cooper Rush, completing three consecutive passes of 8, 12 and 10 yards that would leave them, along with a Pollard carry, on the 32 yard of the rival.

Brett Maher would be in charge of closing the match for the Lone Star with only five seconds on the clock. In an attempt to exactly 50 yardsMaher found the upper right corner to secure victory 17-20 about some Bengals who do not know the victory so far in the campaign.

The second day of the NFL is played as follows:

Los Angeles (Chargers) 24-27 Kansas City

Carolina 16-19 New York (Giants)
Tampa Bay 20-10 New Orleans
New York (Jets) 31-30 Cleveland
Miami 42-38 Baltimore
Washington 27-36 Detroit
Indianapolis 0-24 Jacksonville
New England 20-17 Pittsburgh
Altanta 27-31 Los Angeles (Rams)
Seattle 7-27 San Francisco
Houston 9-16 Denver
Arizona 29-23 Las Vegas
Chicago-Green Bay, 7:20 p.m.

Tennessee-Buffalo, 6:15 p.m.
Minnesota-Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m.

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