NFL: Aaron Rodgers beats Tom Brady in defensive duel | Video

Green Bay Packers they prevailed 14-12 to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Raymond James Stadium, meeting that could have been the last confrontation between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

The matchup, which pitted two of the best quarterbacks in the last 15 years, began with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on offense and the historic quarterback didn’t wait to complete his first pass with Breshad Perriman for 24 yards. Combining air and ground plays with Leonard Fournette those from Florida reached the rival 27 yard and closed with a Ryan Succop field goal 45 yards to go up 0-3.

With the touchback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers responded forcefully, and after a six-minute, 60-yard passing offensethe QB would find the rookie receiver Romeo Doubsfrom the University of Nevada, in a 5 yard short pass that would give them the advantage 7-3.

The offensive of buccaneers he returned to the grid but they would start a disastrous trend that would extend throughout the first half where they were not able to generate anything. After six moves and just two and a half minutes of possession Jake Comrade, kicker of clearancewould have his first appearance in the meeting.

Green Bay he would take advantage of his rival’s slip to extend his advantage. After a consistent offense, Rodgers would find his tight end Tyler Davis for a profit of 23 yards and that he would leave them within the 10-yard line of the premises. On the next play, the quarterback would do his thing again with a short pass to the diagonals for Allen Lazard and mark the 14-3.

The second quarter would become much more defensive, with Green Bay stopping the Buccaneerswho set foot on themselves with multiple punishments. The series would end in a clearance after what Rashan Gary will capture Brady for a six-yard loss.

The panorama of the party seemed to move away more and more from Tampa Baybut just like last week, it was the defensive the one that returned something of the moment of the game to the locals. Aaron Rodgers had started the series with a short pass to Randall Cobbwhich would fire the rockets and would go 40 yards. The running duo AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones continued the advance, but on the third opportunity and five Jones would lose the ball that would be recovered by logan ryan after a strong blow Lavonte David and Vita Vea.

Brady would start one of his best aerial attacks, completing four consecutive passes for 35 yards. On second and ten, he would find Breshard Perrimanwho tried to gain more yards but ended up dropping the ball that ended up in the hands of Darnell Savage of the Packers.

With only 41 seconds on the clock Green Bay couldn’t put together anything convincing and Pat O’Donnell would clear to go to break up 14-3.

The packers would open the second half with the ball, but with an inefficient advance from three and out, they were forced to clear again. The attack led by Byron LeftwitchBuccaneers offensive coordinator, would seek to take advantage to reduce the gap, but in another short pass, now to Russell Gagethe receptor I would lose the ball which would be recovered by the Packers.

The following offensive series of both teams did not exceed two minutes in length and ended in punts.

defense of Tampa would make the big play again now with a Logan Ryan interception that would again give life to some Buccaneers unable to meet offensively. In good field position the team led by Bruce Aries, converted his second field goal of the match for 14-6 after Brady failed to command anything more forceful.

Of minute six of the third quarter and even the two minutes of the fourth quarterthe match would come to its lowest point with seven consecutive clearances between both squads. During those series Tom Brady it was caught on one occasion for Kenny Clark, while Rodgers was arrested by LoganHall, both sacks coming at key moments to keep the offensive series alive.

Down by eight and with less than two minutes Tom Brady would look for one of his specialties: the two-minute comeback series. The attack would start on his own yard 11 and the quarterback would show why he is, by many, the best to play the game. Brady completed 5 consecutive passes reaching the Packers 32-yard line.

With a penalty, a couple of passes and a run, the Buccaneers reached the one yard of the rival. The first two attempts to enter the end zone failed, but on the third chance Brady launched a real firecracker to the center of the end zone that was caught by Gageapproaching the marker 14-12.

But the miracle was not yet complete, since to take the match to extra time they needed the colon conversion. The offense took the field, but in a rookie mistake, definitely inexcusable for a veteran like Brady, the move did not come out in time, generating the game delay and forcing a longer conversion. The 45-year-old quarterback would try to find Gage again on a pass that would be deflected and would not reach its target.

With 14 seconds Tampa would try the short kickbut it would be insured by Lazard of the Packerssealing an important victory 14-12 over the Buccaneers.

Tom Brady ended with 271 yards and a touchdown passcompleting 31 of his 42 attempts of pass Rodgers would happen to 255 yards two touchdowns and one interceptionmissing just seven of his 35 passes.

The rest of the NFL Week 3 is played as follows:

Pittsburgh 17-29 Cleveland

Detroit 24-28 Minnesota
Baltimore 37-26 New England
New Orleans 14-22 Carolina
Houston 20-23 Chicago
Kansas City 17-20 Indianapolis
Philadelphia 24-8 Washington
Buffalo 19-21 Miami
Cincinnati 27-12 New York (Jets)
Las Vegas 22-24 Tennessee
Jacksonville 38-10 Los Angeles (Chargers)
Atlanta 27-23 Seattle
Los Angeles (Rams) 20-12 Arizona
Green Bay 14-12 Tampa Bay
San Francisco-Denver, 7:20 p.m. ESPN

Dallas-New York (Giants), 7:15 p.m. ESPN

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