Neymar Jr. responds to criticism after requesting a vote for Bolsonaro, president of Brazil | Video

Neymar Jr. star of the Brazilian soccer team, questioned his critics after posting a video on TikTok where you can see the forward of the PSG asking for the vote for Jair Bolsonaropresident of Brazil, at the eve of the elections on sundayaccording to information reported by ESPN.

In a later video, Neymar30, commented the following in a second video posted on social media, where I know defend what happened just for having what he calls a ‘different’ electoral opinion.

They talk about democracy and a lot of things, but when someone has a different opinion they are attacked by the very people who talk about democracy. Let’s see who understands.

The striker published a video on Thursday in TikTok dancing and singing’ a song of urban music where the vote is requested for Bolsonaro in his re-election. “Vote, vote and confirm. 22 is Bolsonaro” is the lyrics of the already controversial song.

As reported by the specialized sports media, in the Brazilian elections applicants are assigned a candidate number that citizens enter in the electronic ballot box, and in the case of Bolsonaro, 22 is the number that identifies him.

The short video of the soccer player reached millions of people on the platform, since only in his personal account, he has 8 million followers.

In a tweet published later by the current president of Brazil, Bolsonaro thanked Neymar for his support jr. in his re-election campaign.

Re-election, hexa (world champion). Thank you, Neymar Brazil above all! God above all!

Bolsonarowho is seeking to repeat a presidential mandate, will face the former president at the polls this weekend Luis Inacio Lula da Silvafavorite in the polls.

(With information from ESPN)