Next Sunday’s march will endorse the support that the President has: Morena

Deputies from Morena affirmed that the march next Sunday, November 27, which will be from the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo, to commemorate the fourth year of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will be historic and will endorse the support he has from of citizenship.

At a press conference, Deputy Hamlet García Almaguer stated that “there is a lot of interest from the people of Mexico to attend this march of the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo and we want to reiterate the invitation to the citizens of our federal entities.”

He informed that the federal deputies are summoned from 7 in the morning to the first block of the contingent headed by the Mexican president.

“We are two days away from a historic march celebrating four years of the Fourth Transformation; The President of the Republic has obtained very relevant achievements, such as the increase in the minimum wage and economic stability,” he asserted.

On her occasion, Deputy Laura Imelda Pérez Segura said that what will take place on Sunday will be “a historic event, where hundreds and thousands of citizens throughout the country will attend by their own means, as it has always been done from the left”.

“The objective is to show the forceful support that our government has today, and for all the achievements that it has made, the support that it will continue to have. This is a celebration, it is a party for Mexico and we will show the great support that the Fourth Transformation has in the country”.

For her part, Deputy María del Rosario Reyes Silva assured that the National Regeneration Movement has emanated from popular struggles and that this Sunday they will come out to face the people of Mexico.

He also said that “electoral reform is going” and they will not defend the interests of a few over those of Mexicans.

Deputy Emmanuel Reyes Carmona seconded this call for all civil society in Mexico to attend, and said that the 270 legislators that make up the “Together We Make History” coalition, made up of Morena, PT and PVEM, will be present.

He clarified that some legislators requested a license to participate in the interparliamentary to meet with their Spanish counterparts from November 26 to 28, in Madrid, Spain, because they are doing it responsibly, “since on the one hand they fulfill their obligation as deputies to the be part of these international agreements; and on the other, it also ensures the participation of his substitutes, not only in the march, but also in the political-electoral constitutional reform that we will address next week”.

He stressed that a large participation of Guanajuato and Jalisco is expected, despite being entities governed by the opposition, which shows that his movement has great support.

The conference was also attended by Deputy Erika Vanessa del Castillo Ibarra and Deputy Omar Enrique Castañeda González.

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