New Mexican in Madrid? Diego Lainez could leave Betis towards Rayo Vallecano

Lainez would be willing to leave Betis if they guarantee him more playing time at another club.

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Diego Lainez He could change clubs in Spain before the end of the winter transfer market. Real Betis continues to explore options for the short-term future of the promising former América player, and for this reason they would have offered him to a Madrid club: the Vallecano Ray, a destination that looks favorably on both the club and the Mexican midfielder.

The information was released by Carrusel Deportivo this Sunday. “There are open negotiations and there is interest from the Real Betis player“, told the journalist JosĂ© David Palacio.

Diego Lainez would arrive at Rayo Vallencano on loan. Therefore, in the event that said operation were to take place, his file would continue to belong to Betis, a club in which the Mexican wants to succeed.

However, given the possibility of playing more minutes at the Vallecas club, Lainez would be willing to leave Betis, even in the coming months.

Lainez has barely played four La Liga games in this season. Rayo Vallecano sits in eighth place in the tournament, but is just five points behind the last place that grants a ticket to the UEFA Champions League. The season is dreamy.

Destiny seems ideal for an irreverent Diego Lainez.

This week, the Mexican received a vote of confidence and support from Gerardo Martino, who included him in the El Tri squad for the qualifying matches against Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama.

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