New massacre in Haiti leaves at least 12 dead | News

Members of an armed gang killed at least 12 people and set fire to several homes in Source Matelas, a community located north of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.


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According to local media, residents accuse members of a gang known as the Village de Dieu, who have been trying to control the area for some time due to its strategic position, although the specific details that caused the massacre are unknown.

“The bandits have returned to the area after being chased a few days ago by the police and members of the community. This morning we discovered several charred corpses,” the town’s mayor, Joseph Jeanson Guillaume, told reporters.

Cabaret, the administrative demarcation to which Source Matelas belongs, is an intersection of routes to and from the Haitian capital, and the gangs seek to control circulation and merchandise traffic, explained the mayor.

“One of the most important ports in the country, which is located in the area, has not been able to function for several days. Our citizens live in fear of being attacked,” the official added.

According to some witnesses interviewed by the press, 12 bodies were found, including that of a woman, and some were burned.

“The bandits have shown incalculable cruelty,” lamented Guillaume.

Press outlets record this massacre as the third that occurred in Haiti this year, after those that occurred in Cité Soleil and Croix des Bouquets, which together have left more than 500 dead and thousands displaced.