National Action has always defended and will defend the dignity, equality, freedom and rights of all people: Kathia Bolio

Mexico.- The Secretary of Equality and Human Development of the CEN of the PAN, Kathia Bolio Pinelo; and spokesperson Marcos Aguilar Vega, received a commission of representatives of organizations that defend the human rights of the LGBTTTIQ+ population with whom they held a respectful dialogue.

Also accompanied by the Secretary of Communication, Felipe González Castañeda, Bolio Pinelo made it clear that in National Action we have always defended and will defend the dignity, equality, freedom and rights of all people. The opinions contrary to this are not shared by our institution, in addition the Constitution is above any personal opinion.

The also deputy stated that for National Action there are no distinctions of people, the first principle of doctrine is the imminent respect for the dignity of the human person.

“We want well-being, development, but above all, access to a life free of violence for any Mexican who lives in a vulnerable condition. In the National Action Party we will always be in favor of human rights and a life free of violence”, he said.

At the meeting, it was agreed to install a permanent table for dialogue and legislative work to guarantee the human rights of all people, particularly the most vulnerable.

After reminding them that all good Mexicans have the party’s doors open, the PAN spokesman explained the importance of holding a legislative work table with Deputy Bolio to vent in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union. , in order to work to improve the legal provisions that protect the rights of all Mexicans.

Finally, the Secretary of Communication highlighted that Acción Nacional has always shown that it is in favor of human rights, since it was the party that presented the initiative to the first article of the Constitution, which states that “in Mexico, all discrimination based on ethnic or national origin is prohibited. , gender, age, disabilities, social status, health conditions, religion, opinions, sexual preferences, marital status or any other that violates human dignity and has the purpose of nullifying or undermining the rights and the freedoms of the people.

With information from the PAN

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