Muriel Bowser: “I want more women in the DC police”

The need to encourage more female residents of the District to follow a police career was highlighted on Friday, in a message to the population, by the mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser.

Referring to a public event that took place at the beginning of last week, he said that the city was able to learn the statements of Officer Viola Brock, “who was born and raised in DC, about what the Police Department’s Corps of Cadets program Metropolitana has meant for his life”.

“I want more women and DC residents like Officer Brock to consider careers in the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD),” the Mayor said.

She added that she is proud that during her time as mayor she has grown the cadet program from 20 members in 2015 to 150 this year.

“The cadet program is one of the most effective tools we have to recruit and retain DC residents and women in the Metropolitan Police,” she said.

In her message, Muriel Bowser said the cadet program targets young Washington DC residents, meaning high school seniors up to age 24, to serve part-time as uniformed civilian employees.

Members of the ‘Cadet Corps’ program receive a salary, earn up to 60 free tuition credits, and are on track to enter the MPD Police Officer Recruitment Program at the Metropolitan Police Academy.

As for hiring more women at MPD, Bowser listed the following figures:

  • The current cadet class is 47 percent female.
  • The current recruit class is 30 percent female.
  • The last class of recruits to take the oath, late last year, was 52 percent female, all born in DC.

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