Morena chooses candidates without militancy


Ernest Zavaleta.

Surveys without review or dispute, without arbitrator or supervision, with a real participation that does not represent the will of even 4% of Morenoites in the state of Mexico and the rush, always the rush, of the national leadership to give results ” democratic”, that is the mark of Morena… This is how the candidates of the party in power are designated.

They are already rubbing their hands to receive a daily peso from their new two million militants in the country, who in just 48 hours were summoned to request and register their documentation as new Protagonists of True Change, who en masse voted for 3,000 councilors , paying does not buy them the right to decide who their candidates will be… That’s how it is in Morena.

With that speed of organization, convening power and structural functionality, what is the rush to designate the candidate for the state of Mexico, why not wait eight days? When on August 13 and 14 she settles in the state of Mexico the State Council of Morena in that entity, the same as in the other 31.

If the election of these Councils was an example of democracy, according to the President of the Republic, why leave that State Council out of the selection of the pre-candidates and, in this case, of the candidate, and out of surveillance? and application of the survey, why trust a national leadership questioned in its honesty and capacity inside and outside the party, what is the rush? How to rule out the “finger” and the imposition?

Where is the opinion of the National Commission of Honesty and Justice of that party that exonerates delphine gomez of the electoral crimes, the collection of quotas and abuse against the workers of the municipality of Texcoco, where is the money that the head of the SEP asked them for, 10% of their salary for three years?

That without taking into account the process that followed her in the INE and the TEPJF, just last January that court found her guilty, and imposed a fine of 4 million 529 thousand pesos, for withholding 10% of the salaries of her employees of 2013 to 2015, when the current candidate and head of the SEP was municipal president of Texcoco.

Even so, she participated as the president’s favorite in a survey in which 4,500 Mexican citizens were interviewed and in which she was defined as a candidate for governor by Morena for the 2023 elections, and she is also the coordinator of the Committees of Defense of the Fourth Transformation in the State of Mexico.

According to the Morena leadership, 37% of 4,500 citizens elected delphine gomez as the candidate for governor of the state of Mexico, where there are a total of 126,924 Morena militants, where the electoral roll is 12,118,263 voters (according to the official registry of the INE).

Mario Slim presented the results of the measurement made by the party’s National Survey Commission and the private consultancies Mendoza Blanco and Covarrubias, which conducted interviews with 4,500 respondents, 1,500 by the party, while the pollsters Mendoza Blanco and Covarrubias conducted other 1,530 each.

The sample that was taken for this exercise represents 0.03% of the Mexican electorate, and, if all the respondents were active in that party, it would mean 3.5% of the Morena militants registered in the entity… what does the other say about 99.07% of voters? mexiquenses, and, above all, what the other 96.5% of morenistas say in that state.

delphine gomez obtained 31.1% of the intention to vote, 22.1% consider her a good candidate, 37.4% prefer her as a Morena candidate, figures that represent an average of 0.01% of the electorate and 1.2% of Morena’s militancy in the state of Mexico.

Annoyed, but loyal, they accepted the banner of the head of the SEP, Senator Higinio Martinez; Fernando Vilchismunicipal president of Ecatepec, and Horace Duarte, General Director of Customs, who far from Delfina, obtained the second, third and fourth place, respectively, in the surveys. resigned sThey only ask that they not be forgotten.

What do three million militants expect from Morena, a figure that boasts Mario Slimthat others decide who their candidates will be, through polls, without party credentials or reliable registration of their INE identifications.

The great majority of those three million militants are left out of the party’s important decisions, such as appointing its candidates, forced to accept the “results” of the leadership, militants who are mostly committed in a patronage manner as beneficiaries of the programs of support they receive from the federal government through the Secretaries of Labor, Education, Welfare and Insabi.

Instead, these three million have the commitment, among other things, to contribute resources to finance the Movement as part of the obligations of each of the Protagonists of True Change or militants.

In small but very clear letters, in the lower left part of the Format of affiliation signed by the new Protagonist of the True Change, there is the text that most of the passionate new morenistas surely did not read:

“I express my will to join individually, personally, freely, peacefully and voluntarily, as a Protagonist of True Change; as well as comply with, respect and promote the Statutes, Declaration of Principles and Action Program of Morena; renouncing, where appropriate, the militancy of any other political party; Consequently, I declare that the data and information provided are true and I authorize their use for the corresponding purposes in accordance with the applicable regulations.”

Article 6. The Protagonists of true change will have the following responsibilities (obligations): subsection e. Regularly contribute resources for the support of our party, in accordance with the provisions of Article 67 of this Statute, which in turn states:

“Article 67°. MORENA will be supported fundamentally by the contributions of its own members, who, except in situations of unemployment or extreme poverty, minors and residents abroad, will contribute the equivalent of one peso per day, in accordance with the respective regulations.

In the case of legislators or popular representatives elected by MORENA, they must contribute the equivalent of between five and ten percent of their total earnings (salary, Christmas bonus, benefits) as determined, taking into account the limits established in the applicable regulations. and by agreement of the National Executive Committee, the payment may be condoned by it in response to exceptional and fully justified situations”.

In Morena the one who pays does not rule, the one who charges decides.


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